What I have found as a vid


What I have found as a videographer is you will not have the input or status of the still photographer unless you exert yourself a bit. I ask ahead of time about the lighting and warn them while it is romantic, low light is not a friend of video and show some examples from previous weddings. It’s pretty simple, good light equals good video, poor light equals dark and grainy video. There is no reason the lighting couldn’t be turned up for the garter and boquet toss and the cake cutting and toast. I’m with compusolver that I would rather turn down a job than deliver a video that is not good. I don’t (and haven’t had any) want complaints and headaches later on.

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The best video monitors — 2021

We rely on our video monitors to show us an accurate representation of our images throughout the production process. Here are some of the best video monitors currently on the market.