What exactly are you going


What exactly are you going to be editing? Are you a professional videographer or a Dad looking to play with some home movies. Do you have any experience on a MAC? If you are a PC guy and are only looking at switching because apparently that is what they do in your area? Or are you switching because you really want to switch?

The nice thing about MACs is that they only have 5 different models. Granted each model has different amounts of memory/processor power/HDD space. As opposed to PC’s where there are 500 different models.

MAC ProThis is the full-on pro computer probably not worth your money if you’re doing home editing.

MACBookI wouldn’t even bother.

iMACThis is a good desktop for the average and above average user

MAC Mini I’d say this is the desktop equivalent of the MACBook Pro. Yes they are portable but don’t forget, you would also have to transport the monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc. So is it really that portable.

MACBook Pro If you’re looking for power and portability than this is what you need.These are awesome and if you get a educational discount can be very affordable. I am a professional videographer and use mine to edit on the go. They are very fast and inexpensive to upgrade. The MAC store gave me some partner web addresses to upgrade. http://www.crucial.com/ &http://www.macsales.com/. I was able to buy a new 500GB hard drive and 4GB of memory for just about nothing as opposed to at the MAC store. Bottom line is they are fast. I would highly recommend on if you’re looking for portability.

Remember, you can dual boot a MAC with Window. Or if you purchase the 3rd party application you can run Windows from inside OSX and not have to worry about dual booting.

Good luck.

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