What do you wish to do with


What do you wish to do with it? So many different things matter – format, physical size, lenses, suitable grip kit like tripods, heads, hand held or shoulder mount capable, video formats, socketry, connector types – and of course audio facilities. If you are thinking about specific types of video use, that helps no end. Wildlife, or outside sports would be very different from close in pieces to camera, or landscapes, or point of view stuff? What kinds of video will you shoot, and of course ……… budget. Less than a grand, less than ten grand? Keep in mind that a decent tripod and legs for a fairly heavy camera can easily cost you £800 plus!

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How to buy a camera — 2021

While we have more options and more technology than ever before; buying a new camera has never been more difficult. It’s not just that there are dozens of cameras to choose from, it’s that each one offers something different,...