>>>”What do you t


>>>”What do you think about low light? Will it make a huge difference from the PC1000?”

If the VX 2100 does not make ahuge difference, I would be extremelydissapointed and shocked…

From what I can tell, the PC-1000 only has1/6″ CCD’ and has a minimum illumination of 7 lux. (the higher the lux the worse.)

These 2 specs alone suggest that the VX2100 will have a much better performance in low light since it has a much bigger 1/3″ CCD and a minimum illumination at1 lux.

The PC1000 also seems very substandard as it recods in mpeg format at 320×240…is that correcet?….if so, the VX2100 will blow it away even further.

The VX2100 also has gain control, meaning that you’ll be able increase the brightness from the camera instead of increasing it in premiere if needed. typically, if there is just a enough light, you can gain up to about 6-8db with minimal quality loss(graininess)….IMO,the sony VX200, VX2100, PD150 and PD170 are the best cameras for low light situations and have the best gain processing…

I’m very confident that you’ll be pleased with it’s performance, but I would still suggest renting or borrowing one just to make sure you’ll be happy with it…(just make sure you white balance, iris up and use the gain properly before making your final decision.

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