What do you mean by wirel


What do you mean by wireless? a Wireless hand held? a lapel, or a fancy voice box mic. Just starting out with a tight budget, this is not a bad system: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/564559-REG/Azden_325ULH_325ULH_Dual_Channel_Portable_Wireless.html Keep in mind this is a low end rig, the audio quality is good but the build quality on this unit is poor. it will feel like a toy, and try and prevent your client from sitting on it. one nice feature i do like about Azden that I wish sony would do is that you can get a adpater for the lapel transmitter and plug it into a mixer. that way if you shoot event you can maybe convence the tech into plugging this unit into his tape out and you’ll have audio pumped right into your cam.

Hi Sorry I was not clear. Yes a lapel, and a handheld. I think the unit you showed will be good. That recorder you use will the wireless mics plug into it?

Another stupid question will the wireless receiver plug into the camera too?

I need to really get my head into this stuff. I think it is great this forum is here. Really helps the beginner like me.

I have a zillion other questions, like what tripod would you suggest. I have the Panasonic AG-HVX2005A I would like a decent tripod.

Also I would like a shotgun mic. for the camera any suggestions? I do have some outside funding and I would like to try to get as much needed stuff as I can with it.

I also need a light kit, I guess used here would be ok. Any suggestions on which I should look for?

Thanks for all the help.


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