What do you already have?


What do you already have?

Obviously you have a computer but what type and speed/RAM, etc…(meaning is it powerful enough to edit video)?

Do you have any software? If you are using a newer PC, you should have Windows Movie Maker, which is enough to get you started.

I started on a budget (although not HD at the time) and was able to get an inexpensive consumer video camera (about $400 at the time), inexpensive non-linear editor (NLE) which has evolved into Sony Vegas Movie Studio ($70 at the time), a WalMart tripod (about $30) and a few little goodies to help (royalty free assets – like animated backgrounds, music, etc…).

You could easily do the same today with your budget (unless you need a new computer, then you’re hitting up against the high end of your budget – not impossible, just a bit more work.

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