What chuck said!! It is al


What chuck said!! It is all in the lighting. A cheap camcorder will do better than any expensive camera if the lighting is bad with the pro cam and good with the cheap cam. Also learn how to use the camera better. Learn how to use the manual settings. Having good equipment does not magically make you a good shooter. The best thing you can do is go to your local community college and take a class on television production. Field Production (most colleges that teach television will have a class with this name. Might also be called ENG or EFP) is a great class to learn how to properly use a camera, and edit to boot. All the software in the world will not make poorly shot video look good. I am not at all trying to put you down man. My stuff looked horrible when I first started. Its something you have to learn. And it is something that you will learn. Everything you shoot will look better than the thing before it. Your stuff looks pretty good just need some polish. Get a large bounce card to put under your subjects to bounce some soft light up at them. Get a piece of gear called a Scrim Jim if you can afford it and use the diffusers that come with it over your subjects to soften the light.


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