What a misunderstanding of


What a misunderstanding of info from the building manager! Pink noise is filtered white noise, that is a broad spectrum AUDIO signal, which some people believe is a good masking agent. It raises the noise floor, so annoying outside sounds are less obvious. The raised noise floor is even, so you get used to it quickly. It has no effect on wireless activity. If it did, the authorities would consider it an interference source or a jammer. Not sure how the US authorities consider this kind of thing, but jammers are illegal here in the UK. Cable or wireless is immaterial. The microphones will hear whatever is there. The source of the pink noise can be by multiple sources, and at HF, directional mics will hear it as they get on axis with the sound sources, at the bottom end, it will be more omnidirectional.

You will have to try the mics in the location and see what happens. Wireless will be no different. If the office is screened to prevent RF energy coming in or out – with mesh in the walls and perhaps metallic screening in the windows, then that is a barrier to radio mics if one is outside – it’s essentially a Faraday cage. Even then, inside the cage, radio mics work fine. It’s a classic case of a little understanding being turned into fact!

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