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Handling Nudity On Film, what a come-on for a subject. Anyone who is put off by this title or um titilated should forget all that and run not walk to this website. The independent filmmakers who contribute and yes they are seriously into exploitational films have posted numerous lengthy and informative articles based on their experiences with various facets of making and distributing films. The focus is on process and technique issues, how to perform the five hundred and one little things that are necessary to get quality of the screen. The focus is not on the the trashy content of their grindhouse product. (However, remember that Coppolla and Ron Howard (!!!), among other industry icons, started their careers making these kinds of films). If you read for trashy content you will be disappointed. If you are into non-scholarly discussions about how to improve your filmmaking skills, this does not disappoint.

The case study on four walling is fascinating and an interesting primer on this process. If you have already spent 8-12K making your film (not necessarily your own money), spending another 2 or 3K to four wall and possibly launch your film into the big time is not far fetched. Less randomly frustrating than the film fest route. And if your film is really cool and you put it on the net, they will be selling it on the streetcorner in BayJing tomorrow morning (actually yesterday morning due to the international dateline). A possible alternative is four walling. At least you should be familiar with it. Some films achieve some momentum in this process and end up four walling around the world. A director I met four walled his doc (Shortcut to Nirvana) briefly into the top boxoffice doc hits of all time by vacationing his film all over North America and Europe. At some stage in your frustration, you may want to consider this possibility.


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