wfenn Wrote:I have Epson 8


wfenn Wrote:

I have Epson 800, 200, and 220 and print hundreds of CD’s using them all. There has always been a feed problem but, as suggested above, a gentle push at the right time and they print wonderfully. They are CHEAP and can’t be expected to perform as well as a dedicated printer. I have been very pleased by my Epsons for CD’s and most everything else. Give yours another try.

W Fenn

Thanks for the input! Actually, the tray feeds properly but when I try to print I get a message saying either the printer is out of paper or the tray is not positioned properly. I’ve printed enough DVDs to know the tray is properly positioned, and should be no paper in it when I am printing DVDs. Epson refuses to honor the warrantee. They accuse me of printing too many DVDs. I have printed maybe 40 or 50 DVDs. I haven’t even had to chang the orgninal ink cartridges yet.

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