We’ve written a number of

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We’ve written a number of stories on this issue here in Videomaker. here’s a link to one in particular that addresses this subject:


Basically, if you’re at a public event, and, as mentioned above, you don’t hold any one shot for any length of time, you’re going to be OK. Public means just that: They AND you are in public.

However, if you are shooting inside their house from a public sidewalk, that’s not OK, obviously, and if it’s a stressful “breaking news” happening like a hostage situation or house on fire or something like that, and they happen to be standing around watching the “show” then you have to be careful.

If you have been hired to shoot the event by the promoters, and aren’t just shooting for the fun of it, you can also have the parade announcers mention that this is being videotaped. But you’re completely in your legal rights to shoot this and use it however you wish if it’s for legal purposes.

Do be careful how you videotape minors, however. (Meaning, if you take advantage of a public event that draws kids, but don’t show that event instead you just shoot close ups of children’s faces and post that to a site called “cute kids”, you are setting yourself up for trouble, regardless of how public the event.)

Search Videomaker’s site using “what’s Legal” or “Mark Levy” for more.

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