westernminnguy, I would go


I would go with the GL2. It’s an excellent SD camcorder. Spending a lot of money on a high tech feature that you won’t be using for a couple years does not sound good. High tech changes too rapidly. Who knows what wonderful hi-def camcorders will be available then. It’s fairly certain that you’ll get more power for less money 2 years from now. (And you might need to upgrade your computer for hi-def use.) I recommend going with what you can use NOW. My guess is that in a couple years there will be reasonably priced hi-def camcorders that record to inexpensive high-capacity memory cards.

Disclaimer: I cannot really see into the future, nor do I play a fortune teller on TV. πŸ˜€

Ken Hull

P.S. : If low light performance is important, you might consider a Sony VX2100.

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