West coast wedding busines


West coast wedding business is pretty much year-round, IMHO. That being said, it depends on the scope of your intended productions – creative vs productive. You can hammer out weddings relentlessly, keep them to a formula, double book, hire shooters and/or editors, do a basic meat and potatoes production assembly and hack out a decent product that covers 150 weddings, or more a year.

My volume varies. A heavy wedding year for me hits 20/25. A light year, 10 to 12. I really like to maintain a one-per-month average, but it bounces around, depending on what I am focusing on in my marketing efforts at the time.

Personally, doing HUGE volume wedding production is not in my interest, nor does it interest me, and I diversified my business to avoid getting into such a production crunch or rut. Some like it that way, and I am all for them doing what they want as much as they can, and maybe even getting rich doing weddings only. Me, I would die, especially as I am now cresting the hill physically and have to admit that two weddings a week would be a bit much for me. I am satisfied with averaging $1,500 or so for my basic wedding productions, aiming for what I can handle on my own, or with my associate, and what I can edit, taking into consideration all the other business I pursue and produce.

I would say a one-horse (with a helper/assistant) who wants to do weddings exclusively, not burn themselves out, or die in the process of trying, could handle one a week full time (maybe even working a regular job as well if you’re a workaholic, young, single and have no other commitments and can skip Monday Night Football, and the assorted other yearly seasonal sports playoffs, etc. Oh, and yeah those wonderful beach parties and socials. So, what, maybe 40 or so a year?

A partnership might double those up, picking and choosing, aiming for higher level of income per gig and doing, say 100 or so a year, without too much dizzyness at the end of the year, and if you’re not working a regular 40-hour-per-week job.

Other parts of the country have definite seasons, with a few die-hards (the clients) who LIKE winter weddings, etc. Southern California is all about 300 or more days a year of clear weather, so outdoor and indoor weddings abound. Even with the number of available independent professional wedding video services providers listed for Southern California, only some 20 percent or so of weddings are being booked for video, so the available wedge of the pie remains huge.

Thanks, Crafters, for the heavy nod. Much, MUCH appreciated.

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