We’re sorry to hear about

AvatarJennifer O’Rourke

We’re sorry to hear about your health issues, Gregory, and your lament about not being able to make video anymore. We had to smile at your comment that you are making your own memorial video – spoken like a true producer!

Of course you are most welcome to post your items for sale, we have a Classifieds page that was set up for our forums users to buy and sell their gear, since you made this post we noticed that you’ve discovered that page.

You’ve been an extremely active member on our forums and your advice to new producers has always been well-said and in great positive spirit. Many of our long-time forum members have looked up to you and your sage words of advice for good reason. While we certainly understand that you can’t be here as often as you have in the past, we invite you to stay with the forums as long as you wish, our forums members have certainly benefited from your advice.

As Training Industry Host, Ed Rogers, said in your post: “I hope you’re available for us as long as possible!” and the tagline to your posts says it best: “A Photo Captures but a Moment in Time: Video Captures a Lifetime in a Moment “- Good luck with your memorial video, don’t hesitate to reach out to the forums if you need help.

– the Videomaker Editors

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