We’re all good people, Mik


We’re all good people, Mike. And we all have our individual personalities, our interests, our way of approaching life and people. There are mean and nasties. There are goofy and cute. There are gonzo, bozo and godzilla types, but we’re all people. Sometimes I can handle a certain acerbic, over-principled, narrow-minded and obstinate individual. Other times they make the East Texas redneck in me want to wade in, fists flying.

You are not perceived in any of the above specified categories, Mike, just saying … πŸ˜‰

It takes a SHARP TACK to make a brand stick and that is how I perceive you. When you’re ready to fly you’ll be most welcome as part of the Video StoryTellers! program. Thanks also for the approval rating. Appreciated. All my best …

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