Well,there is something to


Well,there is something to be said about talent going were the money is. First of all, would you spend $500 or $800 or $1200 for less then a feature length film just so that you may pull it out and look at it a couple of times. Newly weds think this is the most important day oftheir lives andwant it captured and are willing to fork out every dollarthey have to preserve that moment only to find it years later in the back of the stack of other movies shoved in the front.Unfortunetly many find it because there cleaning housedue tothe divorce. The fact is: unless the bride and groom are loaded and don’t care what they spend its hard for a videographer to commit all they want to see in their wedding video for the price they are willing to pay. However,a company or business can justify spending even tens of thousands of dollars to promote their product, training their employees, educating the customers and public. But business don’t want to do business with just anyone with a camera they want experience and quality. Therefore, many of your better videographers get drafted (sorta speak) to places that pay more and no longer have time to do weddings. It’s true there are long timers in the wedding business that are very good at their craft. But I bet they have worked their way and learned how to pick and choose the weddings they want to do by which have the greatest income potential.

Just a side note:the deviousvideograpers know that weddings can be the easiest way to hide money from the IRS. Not advising- just saying that its true.

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