Well youtube said this: “H


Well youtube said this:


To assist us in processing your submission for monetization, we would like
for you to provide us with more information regarding the license
agreement for the visuals (software) contained in your video.
Specifically, we need for you to confirm that you have been cleared to use
the aforementioned material for commercial purposes. You may e-mail us
this information as an attachment or provide us with a direct link to the

If you would like to monetize videos that contain visuals from or created
from software, please refer to our Monetization FAQs at



Here is an example of one of my videos if you’d like to check it out:

The way I understand it, they want to know if I have the commercial right to use the content in my video, which is content created using Sony Vegas Pro 10. But I have no idea on how to do this when Sony’s licensing agreement doesn’t mention anything about it??

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