Well, you’re final product


Well, you’re final product is SD DVD, thats the goal. Sometimes you can down size HD and have “Better” looking footage but thats not always the case. I have and use a HV 40 as a back up camera. It has a lot of limitations and I’ve shot better footage for DVD with my back up GL2, which is less camera than you have.

The HV40 has some pretty bad issues with “Skew” and”Wobble” during vibration and panning. I tried running it in my boat and the footage was useless.I use it formore of an interview type cam or a un-manedsecond angle cam. It also has a very narrow field of view, most of the small pro-sumer model. Between what you have and a camera like the HV40, I would not drop the 3CCD for filming any type of action for DVD.

In the prosumer level I do have a VG10 I like a lot, its very stable. Sony is about to come out with the VG20, having more options than the10 and additional manual control. Itskind of like a GL2 on steroids with interchangable lenses.

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