Well youre asking an Adobe


Well youre asking an Adobe guy so what do you think Im going to say? πŸ˜€

I think this could work for you. The advantage of using the suite is that once you learn one of the programs the other ones will operate somewhat in the same manor. The nice thing about Adobe Premiere Pro is that you can start off slow and get good results without having to be a master of the whole thing first. It does however; take a lot more time to learn the true guts of it. Out of the complete suite, that program is probably the easiest while After Effects is probably the hardest.

A few months ago, my younger brother (who has some kind of Masters Degree in Computer Science) asked me if I could be used as a consultant for setting up a video media class that he was in charge of starting for the school hes teaching at. I spent an afternoon putting a shopping list of what I would recommend for starting a class and I recommended Adobe only because he was using Windows PCs. He had major funds available so when it was all said and done he spent over $9000.00 at B&H for cameras, wireless mics, light kits, software, green & blue screens and so fourth. I have to say that it was fun spending other peoples money. Anyway he is all set now and he mentioned to me that the kids are really interested in this field. I asked what kind of projects they wanted to do and of course they wanted to do music videos. What the heck its a start.

BTW: By just increasing RAM on a PC doesnt guarantee that a PC will be able to perform the daunting task of video editing. Editing video is the most demanding process on a PC. Youll need a fast CPU and a strong graphics card as well

Good luck!


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