Well your Drobo will come


Well your Drobo will come with a piece of software called Drobo Dashboard. One of the things this software allows you to do is configure the set up. You can set it up as one large storage mass, one large mass with protection against a drive failure, or JOBD (your computer reads all discs individually). I would set up your Drobo for the disc failure protection. The way they protect data is proprietary though. So I’m not sure exactly how they do it.

I dont think Drobo has anything you can take out in the field with you. Drobos are designed for data storage and backup only.

You will still need the CalDigit if you get a Drobo. Drobos are not made for editing. In fact, they slow down as as they become more full. This is why they are safe. They are designed for data safety only – not performance.

Make sure that eSATA card I linked to you actually works with your computer though. The latest models of the Macbook Pro do not has ExpressCard slots (unless you have the 17″) and you will not be able to use that eSATA card.

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