Well, your computer set up


Well, your computer set up is fine. It’s definitely good enough for DV and probably HDV too, although, i wouldn’t jump into HD. It’s too soon, theres no point, and it won’t enhance your learning process of video in anyway. Learn the basics of video with DV first; save yourself the money.

Since you are a student, you can get the student version of Final Cut Studio 2 for like, $700, which is super cheap. The only difference between that and the regular version is that it won’t be able to upgrade to Final Cut Studio 3, which won’t be for a long time anyway.

To answer your questions about the external drive, I’ve had a 250GB LaCie drive since 2005, and have never had a problem with it. It would be a good idea to have 2 separate hard drives, however, I doubt you’ll need a second 1TB hard drive for general school work and everyday things. I would expect 100GB to be plenty.

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