Well you don’t have a website


Well you don't have a website posted on your profile for me too look at your work, so my comments didn't apply to you. What I have noticed is that site has quite of bit new guys, or people who just don't do high quality inspiring work. Video is about the buzzwords I used, I didn't use those buzzwords in my animation because they sound good, it's what I think a video should be, every commercial production should grab someone's attention, hold it with HIGH quality sound, HIGH quality videography, and High quality motion graphics. If all 3 elements are high quality people will watch the commercial because its entertaining, and the more people who watch your ad the more effectively you have done your job. The key to marketing and advertising is the level and quality of the ad, not what you say in the ad, because when it comes to sell time, people will not remember what was said in the ad, they will remember the quality of the add, and how they felt after the ad. The greatest way to bring people to contact a business, is to make them feel inspired or feel like the business is epic of amazing, if the ad looks amazing, in the mind of the average person they subconciously think the business is good too.  The second way to bring in sales, is first thought memory, in other words when a 20 year old suddenly has to buy health insurance but has no idea where to start, he remembers 4 things, geico, allstate, state farm, and usually one local, then they remember things like "like a good neighbor state farm is there!" these things lead people to look at one of those they remember, which one they choose will be determined by how amazing the ads where, cause thats all they are gonna remember


I thought most commercial producers did awesome quality work, boy was it interesting when I realized how many people are in the business but can't make something inspiring or eye catching, anyway you are right whether I'm gonna use this forum at all or not, I still should not be condescending or cocky.


and as for wether or not I can setup sound light or talent….. if i can animate and do motion graphics then I should be good at those just as well, to me those are the easy parts, sound is mathematic almost, digital volume levels should always peak at -3 DB, but not break 0DB at which point it distorts. 3 point lighting is basic learned it at community college. Although I would argue, that the standard of lighting everything is a dated practice, with this years generation of DSLR and there wonderful ability to record raw footage, and amazing light sensitivity, most lighting kits will make you raise your fstop from 1.4, to keep it from being overexposed during in door shots,  raw digital files, can be changed and post prodcessed in no time, adding light to scene with after effects or priemere, from my expirence I gain no quality in the visual from 3 point lighting anymore, as much as everyone wants to claim, having 3 point lighting just doesn't do much unless im in a low light situation, as for saying that a hotter color temprature looks better, I can color grade with magic bullet or change the color temprature in the raw files.

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