Well, while It’s not quite


Well, while It’s not quite on the same level as the stuff we put together, if I were the English Teacher, I’d give you an A, seeing you cited the sources of your footage and audio effects in your credits :-). Don’t want to be accused of plagarism or anything like that in English class.

Some pointers that might help your next hobby project: Watch that chroma-keying! If you can, get a setup where you can stand 6-15′ in front of the chroma key screen, and come up with a way to evenly light it. I actually know a guy who built an acceptable lighting rig out of cheap lights you can buy at your local home improvement store. Borrow space if you need to, so you can get enough room to give yourselves a 10-12′ height, and 10-20′ or more in width. The larger and more evenly lit your green screen, the better your edges will be when you key out the color.

Also, look into improving your audio. From the sounds of it, you used the camera on-board mics. While an English class (by the way, always capitalize "English"-English teachers hate seeing "english" papers πŸ™‚ ) project can use these mics, anything you want to release publically probably needs at the very least a good shotgun mic, and if you can use wireless mics, go for it. If there’s nothing you can do for adding mics, a cheap trick for making the onboard mics of consumer-grade cameras sound better would be to build a hood over the front portion of your camera. Use cardboard if it’s all you have. This looks cheesy, but it will reduce some of that obnoxious humming from the recording heads and the gears, plus it’ll give some direction to your omni-directional mics and kill wind/movement noise. PM me if you can’t figure out what I mean by that.

Overall, while it’s not "pro" work, for an ameteure production, it has a lot of promise. If video production intrests you, keep doing it. When you watch tv, look at how they film it, not just the show’s content. Study the art of videography, and never stop learning about it.

Most importantly, listen to the advice of others. From reading the posts by many here, it’s obvious that I’m a pencil sketch artist in a site full of Michalangelo’s here, and that’s from a guy who’s been doing "pro" video production for years and years. I don’t have half the creative talent, artistic eye, or patience that many here do have. Listen to them, they’ll be your most valuable asset.

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