Well, to tell you guys whe


Well, to tell you guys where I am coming fromabout cameras, I have been a Sony guy for the longest time, but Iam not necessarilytied down to them. I own a Sony PD-150 that I bought from B and H photo and Video in 2001. It was between the 150, the Canon XL-1s, and the Canon GL1. Iworked with the XL-1s andthe GL1, I hated the picture quality of the Canons, the XL-1s was expensive and to me very flimsy. The GL1 had I believe automatic focus or something like that and that was a major turnoff for me. Iused my pd-150from 2001 to 2004 and it was great. In fact, I was visiting my friend in Yuma, Arizona and I dropped my 150 at waist level ona cement street. It survived and it is built like a Brick! I then got a job as a News Photojournalist in June 2004 in Reno. I used a Sony Betacam SP Camera that I am guessing was probaly over 15 years old, because it kept on breaking down. I then went to a station in Phoenix in Jan tuary 2005 as a NewsPhotojournalist and I shot ona Sony Betacam SX Camera until May 2008. So since May 2008 til August 2008, I used my PD-150 for Freelance News Stories I shot for all of thelocal stations in Phoenix, CNN, and the Weather Channel. I then moved to Denver in October tried to do a career change going into sales or hospitality.No luck, it didn’t help theeconomystarted the downfall in October.So after 6 months of looking, I realized I need to make an opportunity for myself. I knew I didn’t want to go back into news, because the hoursare 24/7 and holidays. Plus I got shot at 12 times at a police scene once,but thankfully they were a bad shot and I didn’t get hit.

Iwill finishthis replytomorrow, I am sorry I stopped in midparagraph, but I need to goto bed. Have a Good Night!

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