Well, to start off, I don’t


Well, to start off, I don't think your computer is the problem. I have a Dell laptop with 8 gigs of ram, a i7 2.4 Ghz quad core processor, and a Nvidia 525m graphics card. My laptop runs Premiere Pro very well. In fact, I'm also able to run Adobe After Effects, and even Cinema 4D on it. Granted, Cinema 4D does run a bit slow on it at times, but it handles Adobe Premiere Pro quite nicly. 


But when I used to use Cyberlink, a cheaper video editing program, I could bearly do simple video editing of 2min clips on my laptop.


I have never used Corel Studio, but I think it might be your problem. Some lower end video editing programs, like CyberLink, are not optimized to take advantage of your computers power, and are usually not as stable. But a video editing program like Adobe Premier Pro, on the other hand, is optimized, and there for runs much smoother.


I think your 13 mins of video froze, because of a glitch of some sort. The same thing happend to me on CyberLink with only 2 minutes in it. But after I purchased Adobe Primer Pro, life just got a whole lot more fun! It runs much faster and I can easily edit over 30mins of video with out a problem. The max Video length I've tried is 3 hours, and it ran a little slow, but never locked up.


I don't think your computer is the problem. I believe it might be the software, but I could be wrong.  I've never used Corel before, but this is my experience going from Cyberlink to Premiere Pro.  

Hope it helps :). 

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