well to avoid noise in the


well to avoid noise in the overall image (or video clip) it pays to “shoot to the right” of the camera’s histogram, then darken the image in post. If you start off too dark in camera, you can’t really get any detial in the shadows, and will be introducing noise to the blacks.

the whole frame needs to be within the camera sensors exposure range (ie 3 stops from highlight to shadow) to get maximum detial with minimal noise.

This was one image, from a series, I shot yesterday afternoon for a project. In Aperture you set your Raw file conversion settings, and adjustments to one image then stamp those settings to all images from the set. Does illustrate how the technique works as a process. Using low power lighting with camera technique to set the mood for a night scene during the day. It wouldn’t be practical to shoot and edit a whole scen on video or still to show a point…. not for free anyways.

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