Well, this may sound kind


Well, this may sound kind of gross but I would second lighting from above and keep it soft with a CTB on it. It will “Blue the white of the urinal but that would be my intent. Just a little Key light from high and behind the camera to give some shadow to the scene for depth. Use fake pee of course and make it good and yellow to “Pop” out from the bluish white porcelain. It would look like the set of the first “SAW” movie that was filmed in what looked like a shower room.

I would experiment with some wax sprays or something to just cut down on the shine from the porcelain (Bonus is it won’t look so clean). You should be able to mess with the color of the scene and pee differently in AE if you have it and also zoom in on the splash and use a rain like effect to make it look like some got splashed on the camera lens, that is if you have access to After Effects.

Come to think of it, I’d get some stuff to kind of junk up the room and make it look like the typical “Truck stop” men’s room and use a little DOF too. It’ll just add texture and help sell the mood. I’m thinking watered down Tang mixed with a tiny bit of milk and some yellow food coloring might give you some great looking urine you could mess with in post.

So, I would light for “Drama” and for grading in post, kind of like a light “Hollywood teal” look and pee that stands out. Just running with the theme of it and with out seeing the room, that’s about as nasty as I can get with it. 🙂

Good luck with it and let us see what you come up with.

Edit: I just mixed some original gatorade and lipton green tea. Nasty looking and not totally clear so it should be easy to mess with color on it.

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