well, the error message sa


well, the error message said something about a "error with the time code" or something like that.

and I read that if you are filming, and then turn it to VCR and watch what you just filmed, and then go back to the point where you left off to continue filming again, it will break the time code. i use a canon xL1s so i’m not sure if that is strictly for that kind of camera. but it sucks because it is going to take for everrrrrr to capture all of this film before i can even start to edit. i was wondering if maybe it was a soft ware bug that hasn’t been fixed? there were a lot of similar complaints on a page i found in google about time code errors.

but i will try to just take it our and reinsert it before capturing, but i’m not thinking that will do much. is there a way to wipe the time code clean without erasing my footage? or if i zero it out and reset the time code, will that make it even more difficult to capture? this is pretty lame and doesn’t make sense, screw a time code. other cheapo cams just record and play footage right into capture. wonder why this prog and cam have to be so darn difficult. in theory, it should just play in the capture screen and allow me to record or "capture" what is playing. it is such a huge mess!

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