Well right now, I am setti


Well right now, I am setting up a RAID Hard Drive Storage System for my 17″ MacBook Pro Laptop. I found out that I can’t run a RAID 5, so I have to settle for a RAID 0 or RAID 1. I am deciding between The 4TB G-Raid External Hard Drive and the 4TB Caldigit VR External Hard Drive. Safe Harbor is having a sale on the Caldigit VR for $599 and the Reg. Price is $850. I am new to setting up a computer workflow, so I am trying to get some research done on this. I have read many articles on RAID Systems, I just don’t like RAID 0, because if your drive fails, there goes your stuff, I want to be protected. I also have heard, Oh you are wasting your RAID System if you are RAID 1. So I would like to be able to run RAID 0 with my Caldigit VR and have another hard drive or something to backup all of my Files up from my Caldigit VR. I was thinking, should I get 2 Caldigit VRs, have them set up, where both VRs have the same Files? I do admit I am good at TV/Video Production, but I am a rookie when it comes up to creating a computer workflow. If you have any suggestions Rob or anybody else that would be Great! If you need more info from me that would be good to. Thank you for your help!

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