Well, other than you guys’


Well, other than you guys’ amazing ability to say a bunch of nothing while showing a lack of experience with the sony products, it’s hard to say which is actually better. both have a lot of great features and i know i’m excited about a lot of what the H1 is offering and where that product line is going in the future. i also know that the Z1u is a great camera and neither of you have apparently ever used it because it’s an awesome product. i admit that i never use the Cineframe 24p but the 30p looks great and there are a ton of other options that make it a worthwile buy. the Canon would have been well out of my price range anyway when i was buying and the more compact size of the Z1u has helped in a few situations where the other would have been a bit too bulky to use (i’ve used the Xl-1s and Xl-2 so i’m familiar with that general size).

also, using canon-sourced charts to compare one camera to the other will always make sure that the manufacturer you’re looking at will come out on top.

as i’ve said before, i was once told by an industry veteran that JVC stands for “Junk Video Company” and after using the DV5000 myself, i tend to agree.

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