Well, originally, my plan was


Well, originally, my plan was to do the critique in blog posts that linked to and were linked to on the video which I was going to post on YouTube. The video itself was going to just have the gameplay and the game’s own audio, unaltered except for minimal trimming of unnecessary bits. However, rewatching the record made me realize how dull this plan was so instead, I’m debating between two main ideas.

First, I’ve decided to write a post about each story arc, character, or theme that I want to talk about (rather than talking about each thing as it comes up in the game), and only using clips from the game that relate to the specific topic. This will necessitate more extensive editing than my original intention, but still just trimming, adding, and moving around clips – likely accompanied by the original audio without alteration.

What I’m deciding between is the precise way that I’ll implement the video portion into the blog post. Either I’ll just have one single video accompanying each post, or I’ll have shorter clips embedded throughout the article as I address them more directly. I probably can’t say which one I’ll do until I’ve finished… storyboarding, for lack of a better word.

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