Well now that you’ve throw


Well now that you’ve thrown water on my ‘mac weenies’ (would you like another bucket sir?), as someone who builds PC workstations I can say building a PC may or may not be cheaper than buying a pre-built. Definitely cheaper if you can get parts wholesale (as a parts dealer) but if not, you’ll have to do some serious shopping around. After you factor in shipping, handling and any returns (you have to pay to ship them back) all that including parts and software adds up.

Now in fairness to my mac loving colleagues, if you really want a one you can build one since all the parts are the same anyway. However, due to the tyrannical objections to independent manufacturing Apple blah, blah, blah, basically you’re not supposed to do so though you can. That’s a whole other topic but just so you know it’s an option.

Okay, sans dealing with anything apple related, I haven’t looked up any of the components you’ve listed so I can’t quote pricing. However, I trust you have a build budget in mind and that it’s more than $500. You’re not going to get far on a build for less than $1200 particularly if you have several ‘first choices’ on your wish list. Keep in mind, the most expensive parts on a build are; the CPU, RAM and Graphics Card (GPU). Those parts will blow your budget quick if you go with your first choice for each.

Depending on your budget, you may need to come up with ‘second’ or ‘third’ choices which will meet the minimum requirements for the software and tasking the workstation will be used. Just because you have to scale down your choices up front isn’t a bad thing. For God’s and your sake, please look up the required and recommended hardware for any software you plan on using. Too many times novice builders run out and get a pile of gear only to find out it’s incompatible with what they planned to use with it.

Lastly, don’t forget you’ll need a good case, extra harddrives, 2 monitors (for NLE editing), a good soundcard (capable of outputting 5.1 mixes unless you just plan on doing stereo), a good keyboard for editing, a mouse, OS (recommend Win7 Pro for editing and Graphic workstations) network capability and fans, lots of fans (you don’t want to mess with watercooling on a budget!)

Here’s a couple of parts dealers you can start pricing your gear out with.



Good luck.

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