Well Luke. It really depen


Well Luke. It really depends on what you call the big leagues πŸ™‚ Let’s start with the simple fact that it still all comes down to the photographer/filmmaker assuming that he/she does at least have adequate equipment. I am an older chap and made my living for fifty years as a photographer with modest equipment while most of my competitors loved to purchase the shiny new cameras with the new buttons. I even made my own softboxes etc. I have seen some lovely films made with modest camcorders and DSLRs. True, most of them are not going to see the big silver screen so the question for you is “Are you aiming for Hollywood or are you going to be content with making a living producing business videos, training films, product introduction reels or films for festivals etc?”

Before HD became ‘the thing’ I was making money using the Canon GL2. Now I have stepped up to a couple of DSLRs and a modest Canon XH A1s. I will admit I am going to upgrade to something a little more capable for low light shooting – maybe FS100 or AF100 but still modest. Then its is up to me to make my own skills count.

Luke, until you ask yourself “realistically, what is my real goal?” you should continue to hone your own talents and then based on what you determine to be the path you want to take, choose the equipment you can afford and that will accomplish the jobs you seek. Big or small is not the only question. There are some great short films out there that have been produced using items like the GoPro and Drift cameras (action of course) that have just been strapped onto the photographer in his pursuit of sport.

Having the very best equipment available does not gaurantee success. Handing someone a paintbrush does not make them a Michaelangelo. Sorry if I have overstated all of this but I really shudder when I see chaps around the city here rushing to drop their dollars on the newest stuff and yet their work is, at best, average.

I am off the soapbox now πŸ™‚

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