well johnny, you can get


well johnny,

you can get 1000 post on this and many different answers, you can read for days and formulate your own opinion.

having said that, i have done both and been where u are. bottom line is consumer cameras are just that consumer grade. 1 small CCD that tries and gives the user a simple point and shoot and give them the best overall image they can.

15 years ago, I bought the first Hi8 sony camcorder for 1200 and loved it, impressed most of my friends and learned to edit from tape to tape.

6 years ago, I bought another TRV 33 sony, better resolution, more compact, better technology, but still the same single CCD image, although better than my first sony.

now i moved up to a Panasonic AG-DVX100B, 3CCD with 24P , 60i and so on. So now i am overwhelmed with learning this new camera, new modes and shooting with controlling shutter speed, iris, white balance, etc….

in the end you will find best results with the best equipment, nothing can make a consumer camera look like HD or pro’s that work for the networks, if so, we could all do it.

so i encourage you to read, read, read, then buy something good, then read, read, read, shoot, shoot, shoot.

don’t forget the editing, this is also a journey of educating yourself and trial and error with budget in mind.

i landed with Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 and all of their suites. If your a APPLE guy, Final Cut Pro etc…

all the best on your journey,

hope i helped

Tin Man

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