Well I’ve videotaped a num


Well I’ve videotaped a number of plays and this is what I learned.It’s all about capturing the dialogue and/or music/singing. People will accept you won’t get great shots from the back of the room but if the audio is bad too then the recording has very little value.

  1. Go to the rehearsal and note when who is on stage and what side of the stage they enter on etc.
  2. Have two cameras, one to capture the whole stage (camera B) the other to track the lead talent(s) of the moment (camera A). Use the GL2 for camA and borrow some other camcorder for camB.
  3. Record of a sound board if you have one, not from the back of the room or it’ll sound like crap.
  4. If the production isn’t using mic’s then use recorders near the front of the stage, in the middle for 1 recorder (i.e. Zoom H2) or on either side. I’ve used camcorders as strictly audio recorders too and they work fine. I’ve used wireless mic’s beside the stage to the cameras at the back of the room and that works great.
  5. If the lighting design uses red lights prepare for some fuzzy footage!

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