Well, I’ve ordered most of


Well, I’ve ordered most of the parts for my adapter (from ebay) so they should arrive within the next week or so (one of them was from overseas, so it might take a bit longer to get here). The only thing left to do is get microcrystalline wax. For anyone else reading this, that’s the best type of wax to use for the method Spencer mentioned. I emailed a company which provides free samples, so we’ll see if they send me one (probably won’t know until tomorrow). I’ll let you know how it all goes when the stuff gets here!

And just so you guys know, the total right now came to 52 US dollars (not including any cost for wax I might need to buy). And that’s with buying a macro set because I don’t know how many + diopters I’ll actually need for my VX2000 (Yes, I know an achromat would have been better, but I wanted to go cheap on my first one and don’t care about perfect image quality on this one).

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