Well, it was another busy

AvatarEric Matyas

Well, it was another busy week, but I guess that’s a good thing…keeping busy keeps me out of trouble…usually… 😉 Anyhow, I managed to get these done:

“RIVER IN TROUBLE”_Looping – Thinking about the Colorado River in the American south west.
“ALASKAN MOONRISE”_Looping – Could work in a nature documentary or perhaps something else.
“FLURRIES”_Looping – That chill in the air tells you the first snow fall of winter is on its way.

Nature/Science 2

“PELICAN BAY TIKI PARTY”_Looping – A fun tropical piece.

Positive / Upbeat

“SCULPTURE GARDEN”_Looping – A string piece with the suggestion of gently bubbling fountains. Might be nice for a classy outdoor event.

Classical Sounding

I also created a new page of sky images…mostly taken around sunset…for anyone who’s interested…(TXR – SKIES) I hope some of them are helpful. 🙂

Have a good week!

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