Well, in monetary terms, i


Well, in monetary terms, it would be what you could afford to spend and how good you need the audio quality to be. Microphone prices vary enormously. I have them ranging from around 30 ($60ish) for when my kids are just having some fun to 350 each for the professional wireless lavalier Sennheisers (lapel mics) I use when audio needs to be really good in interview type settings. You could spend even more than that – a heck of a lot more.

But the point I’m trying to make is that if your audio doesn’t need to be particularly high quality (I got the impression you can’t just go out and buy good equipment and just want to get the best from what you already have), and you just want to hear what people are saying properly, a couple of cheap mics (a few dollars at a garage sale or salvaged from an old tape deck even) may give you better results than what you’ll get from the camera if it’s too far away from whoever is speaking. But again, if you’re in a fairly small room (and tape/camera noise isn’t going to be a problem), the built-in mics may be enough. You’d have to do a bit of testing.

All I’m really saying is that if you can’t (or don’t want to) buy anything decent, improvise and experiment with what you can get hold of. But if you do mention a specific budget, or a minimum quality requirement, then you may get some more specific advice or recommendations….

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