Well I’m not real technic


Well I’m not real technically oriented so I’m trying to find the simplest camcorder-to-editing-to-final product package I can. All of your suggestions have been great – made me do add’l research I didn’t realize I should consider at first. You are correct XTR – sounds like some real problems with the mpeg4 editing if you don’t have the blowtorch computer equipment to handle it (which I don’t). But I also think some folks will expect (or at least appreciate having available) HD as an option when filming keepsake events. I’ve been around youth sports for years and I suspect an HD quality game video shown on a family’s 50″ wide screen would bepretty cool. Conversely, a college tryout film would probably bycollege request be shot in SD, and other stuff I’m contemplating would be adequate in SD as well. My approach in getting started is very meat and potatoes -just some very verybasic videos – in addition to a variety of sports applications, maybe some real estate, used cars, product shots – nothing of great length or difficult filming/editing. The SD cameras I’ve found don’t seem to be enough cheaper to not go ahead and get a camera that has HD – so the Sony HD1000 is becoming more appealing, tape and all.Seems like in this price range in order to get one thing you’ve got to sacrifice something else, and at this point, ease of production from start to finish is the goal,and the media is probably secondary. Thanks again foreveryone’s input!

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