Well, I’m not familair wit


Well, I’m not familair with that camcorder, but I do have a suggestion for info you could post to help someone troubleshoot:

1. If you close the LCD monitor (fold in up against the camcordr body, with screen facing in), then look through the eyepiece, do you see anything when the camera is on (in camera mode, not playback mode)?
2. If you push whatever button brings up the menu, do you at least see the menu?
3. If you fold out the LCD monitor (as if you were going to use it), but keep looking through the eyepiece, do you see anything?
4. With the LCD monitor folded out, can you at least display the menu on the LCD monitor?
5. Any of the above steps show anything while the camcorder is in playback mode?

Good luck! πŸ™‚
Ken Hull

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