Well, if when you say it w


Well, if when you say it will only be published on the Internet you really mean "only", you can probably get away with a $50 webcam that plugs into a PC.

Internet video doesn’t need a lot of quality. You could spend $2000 on a VX-2100 or a GL2, but if you’re not going to distribute the videos via DVD or VHS, there’s not really a point in having all the extras.

If you are going to record on tape (as opposed to directly onto a PC, as many vloggers do) Use MiniDV. It’s a better quality for general applications.

All in all, it really comes down to what you really want. If you really want high quality, drop a couple thousand and get a super nice camera. If you don’t need quality (and for webcasting, quality isn’t quite there yet), you might be better of to buy three or four cheap cameras.

Just keep in mind that the web is growing every day, and connections are getting faster and more stable. If you get cameras with too low of qualiy now, you may very well need to upgrade them in a few years when the Internet is travelling 20-50 times faster, and we can get full resolution (or even hi-def) video in a fast streaming format.

Just food for thought.

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