Well, if size is an issue,


Well, if size is an issue, you could always stick it on rails and add a external monitor and abigger dead cat on your mic. I rolled up pair of socks in your front pocket could help too.

Thats not entirely said tounge in cheek. One area of design in the “Prosumer” class of camera that companies compete against is a smaller size with an ergonomic form factor. That is somewhat working against you in the “Size” area but there are a lot of add on’s to go with that are not only size/tech enhancing but extremely functional.

With smaller sizes, cameras get harder to steady. Rails, shoulder mount rig’s and such are beyond functional, almost an absolute must for small cameras and they also add a touch of (this guy is serious).

External monitors are the same for small cameras. I have and use a VG10 a lot. Using a camera with such a range of depth of field (depending on lens) will eat your lunch maintaining focus on such a small flip out screen when in run and gun situations. I have a Sony 5″ external monitor I use with it and it is the bomb. I get much better footage and peaking makes focusing on the fly easy, not to mention does add a bit to the look.

Mic’s and audio equipment is the same and opens a whole world to function and “Size”.

Don’t think I’m scoffing over your “Size” requirement. I’ve seen the look on clients faces when I pull out a “B” cam or POV cam’s first during set up. Its kind of like going to a mechanic, he pops the hood and first thing he does is pull out a pair of vise grips. So I understand there is some merit to that requirement but in the “Prosumer” catagory I don’t think you are going to find an answer to your satisfaction anymore with a decrease in size being a part of the product race between manufactures.

However, as I said earlier you can enhance look while enhancing performance and customising the whole set up to your needs. Thats another plus with add-on’s.

I still have my Gl2, several small cams like HV40’s and the VG10 and an EX1. I actually shoot more with the VG10 right now. Its a tad smaller than my GL2 but with all the add-ons, its a pretty good sized rig. I scale down and remove some for “Run and Gun” shooting but when at an event I’ve got all the bells and whistles. I can customise to any situation with that rig.

To get all the bells and whistles wrapped up in a camera, its going to take you up and out of the “Prosumer” class. Staying in the prosumer class and adding just what you need can take you in the same direction as far as look while keeping function the top priority.

Your look may influence people in getting some gig’s but in the end its the quality of footage that your reputation will be built on. I’d keep the later as the number one priority and cheat like hell on the other…the rational for a rolled up pair of socks. πŸ™‚

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