Well, if I had to dig into


Well, if I had to dig into my “Artsy Fartsy” side I would have done a lot of things different. It looks like you were working in a small space, things are cramped and hard to light.

The color of the back wall isn’t bad but I would have looked to create some texture to it, got her away from the wall and blurred it a bit with some DOF, just a smige though.

I’d of set up some better lighting. The shadow cast across her eyes makes it look like she’s been out all night. I would definately back light with such a flat background. Make her sort of pop out from the background and add some depth to the shot.

I would have scripted to make it all her for a single camera shot rather than have two people in it. That works fine for sports broadcasting but I really like the two camera angles if you are going to show two people in an interview setting. Its easier to make someone look their best if they are by themselves in the shot. Two poeple complicates that.

I would second Jacks comments on composition and DH’s on audio, it was good and clear though. Also your voice kind of over powered hers, I would normalize that some.

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