Well, I went ahead and got


Well, I went ahead and got the HP I listed above, and honestly, I love it! I just rendered a 4 minute video in 3 minutes. On my old machine, it would have taken me 15 minutes, if the system didn’t crash first.

I pulled out the modem card (does anyone actually still use a modem??!?!) and installed an EIDE card so I could connect my only remaining drive that didn’t melt down. Of course, it has a built in drive bay, so if I buy an HP external hard drive, I can just lock it in and I have yet another drive.

I also gave myself a little present, and I upgraded my old 17" CRT screen to a 19" widescreen LCD. Oh man, is it ever so beautiful!

All in all, it still sucks that I lost what I did, but with the new setup, at least it won’t take me 6 months to rerender all of it.

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