Well I told you guys that


Well I told you guys that I would update you when it was all said and done.
The wedding rehearsal was on Friday night (June 8th) and the wedding was on Saturday (June 9th).

I got to the rehearsal about a half hour early because I had made an appointment with the preacher to discuss a camera in the front and a microphone on the groom (refering to the oringinal thread topic). Honestly, I was very nervous about his answers. If you are wondering why I did not met with preacher earlier, it was because he had been out of town for 2 weeks at a conference.

Front Camera
But when I finally met with him, I explained what I wanted to do with the camera, (put some green tape on the front of it and hid it under a fern at the back of the alter, at the top of the choir seats and it was completely invisible unless you were specificaly looking for it). I showed him the final hiding place and what it would look like and he agreed.

Lapel Mic
The preacher’s main concern was whether the microphones were wirless transmitters or not. I showed him exactly what I was going to be using (a digital voice dictation recorder, like the old mini tape recorder but more hi tech and with better sound’. The lapel mic would be connected to that). He agreed that since it would NOT be a wireless transmitter that it was okay.

With this wonderful news about the lapel mics, I put one on both of the singers as well and the sound for each came out great!

To sum up.
The wedding went well and the reception went well.
I handed out lots of business cards and the Reception venue’s manager asked for a bunch of my literature to put on display there because he had heard from the bride and groom and the other guests how I was doing. It made me feel good.

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