Well I made a Fantastic Co


Well I made a Fantastic Contact this past weekend! I heard there was a Dance Competition in Town, so I ended up going wanting to find out what they did. Turns out this one Company does everything for the Dance Competition. I mean Everything. I wanted to talk to their Video Guy, but he already left to go back to New York, so I was kinda bummed, but I then got directed to go talk to the owner of this Company. I thinking Great this Guy is probably going to be guarded about his knowledge of what he has down to be successful with his company, but instead he turned out to be a nice guy and he gave me a wealth of knowledge. Plus he has contacts at ASCAP, Yeah!!!!!!!!!! So I just need to follow up with him and the video director, plus gets the contacts at ASCAP Info. He told me his license is only a couple of thousand Dollars, so I may have a winner here.

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