Well I just got the call f


Well I just got the call from my investor that a check for 13k is in the mail. This is to cover the editing workstation as well as the video equipment. I didn’t budget for a helmet cam but I may need to re-think it.

It’s a great idea but as I start out, it may overload me a little. I’ll be doing to good to just handle what I’ll have. My wife is a wicked good sports photographer and I hate to pull her away from that, but for cost sake I will have to in order to man the other cam.

I did however double just about everything on the list above and had money left over to purchase a nasty editing system from Velocity Micro. It’s got a teribyte of storage, 2 gigs of RAM, a Dual Core Athlon and just about everything else worth having.

I’m pumped!!! Wish me luck.

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