Well I just found an extre


Well I just found an extremely awsome article tackling this discussion:


and it looks as if the Sony HD can go to hell… becaue apparently it really sucks.

This toss up is between the Panasonic and the Canon and both gain edges on each other in certain places. I find that they are basically tied based on the above article, but I alos note that the above aeticle is biased towards the DVX, as it is a DVX website, the article does a good job being reasonable and fair and unbiased, but having read the entire thing they do tend to shift to the DVX, usually with the interface (no surprise there as that is what they are used to).

When it comes down to what is important; film look. It seems that the Canon XL2 has the edge, it does a better job with depth of field, it has the highest resolution 16:9. and although the DVX offers these thing vey well, it does lack a few things. Namely that is is designed for 4:3 use. I intend to only use 16:9 and seeing as how the XL2 apparently captures action much better than the other two it will allow me to make better action shots. To anyone else who is looking at this thread, adn at this article it would appear that the article is correct: Choose based on what you intedn to do.

Both the XL2 and the DVX100B go for the same price, but it seems that the XL2 allows for expansion of equipment, adding lenes etc…

I think my choice will go where I was leaning: the XL2

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