well I just couldn’t keep


well I just couldn’t keep the PCs running. Went through several custom built PC editing machines, best video cars, best ram, best HDs, best MBs best software, but I was spending way too much time tech supporting them, going down all the time, so I bit the bullet, changed everything to Mac and much happier since – hard enough to learn new software – like learning a new language — then throw some errors that no one knows where they came from – makes it way too hard – less productive.

Trying to get a handle on Shake just now. really hard IMO

one thing I have to say about Mac…their Customer Service is the Best in the World! It was easy to get through to tehm when I did have a problem and not only that, but they fixed my machine even though it was out of warranty! Thats a stand up company and thats why they get my business! Call MS and tell them you have a three year old pc thats out of warranty and that you want something fixed on it – see how far you get.

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