Well, I havent checked thi


Well, I havent checked this post in about a month, and I ordered a custom Lenovo laptop, complete with their upgrade of a K2000m GPU……….I really screwed up.

I bought my laptop with the basic one stick 4GB of RAM, and paid like $250 extra for the upgraded GPU. I installed Vegas, and rendered an avi to mp4…….my old 1st gen i3 laptop took 1:31 to transcode 1:00 of video. My new 3rd gen i7 took :35 to do the same task in CPU only mode. I then selected use GPU, and the transcode took…..:31……

Wow, all the cash i spent on a good GPU was wasted, :04 per minute of rendered video is nothing. Well, how will things work when I install my speedy $120 16GB dual channel RAM kit……:31, exactly the same as with 4GB stock RAM. So, that’s around $375 wasted on stuff that I did not need. It would have been nice if Sony support actually responded to my ticket regarding what specs work with Vegas. I could have spent that $375 on a higher end CPU. I feel like a tool listening to the countless people on the web proclaiming the necessity of RAM and GPU. Maybe this is just how Vegas is, and other programs actually use the GPU and RAM?

Paul Anderegg

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